so now this makes sense…

fer ernerone who asks. lerve yer xo

So basically, somehow I ended up on the phone with Chris Hardwick (you know, The Talking Dead!!!) and he goes to me… “We got one of the girls from Big Bang Theory, Swedish Chef from The Muppets, and then we wrote a song in tribute to the Gersberms meme…” And I said, “:-o I like all those things.” He goes, “You wanna sing the hook?” And I was like “YEP!”

This was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed getting out of the Album-Making world to just do something that didn’t require me thinking or writing anything for it. Just a regular afternoon singing a love song to Gersberms. Thanks to Chris for letting me sing that line. Weirdest thing that I’ve ever sung and that’s coming from someone who sang on a Sim’s soundtrack…

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